Catalyst Editorial provides freelance editorial services to publishers and editorial agencies. Our services can be tailored to meet your needs.

Commissioning editor services

Catalyst Editorial offers a range of commissioning editorial services that can be adapted to meet your needs depending on the nature of the editorial project and the level of editorial support you are looking for.


For example, we can:

  • Commission books, review articles, essays or commentaries from the most appropriate contributors in the research community
  • Developmentally edit commissioned articles,  send them to peer review (if required) and craft editorial decisions
  • Lead editorial projects, such as a themed series or collection of articles

Training services

We offer a range of training workshops for journal editors, both independently and by providing tailored training workshops to publishers through ALPSP.


Examples of our training workshops for editors include:

  • Publication ethics workshops for editors handling publication ethics cases
  • Unconscious bias in peer review workshops for editors seeking to improve the inclusivenes and diversity of their peer review process.

For examples of the workshops we provide for editors, please visit our case studies page.

Get in touch

Please contact us for more information on our editorial support services and training workshops for publishers and editors.

At Catalyst Editorial, we work in partnership with publishers to ensure that training is tailored to meet the individual training needs of editorial staff.

Please Contact Catalyst Editorial for more information.


For examples of our editorial work, please visit our Case Studies page.