Jane Alfred

Jane Alfred has over 15 years of experience as a journal editor. Her previous editorial roles include Editor of Trends in Genetics and Chief Editor of Nature Reviews Genetics, which she helped to launch in 2000. Jane moved to primary research publishing and to the not-for-profit sector in 2003, when she became Executive Editor of the journal Development. While at Development, Jane also co-created and oversaw the launch of the Node, a community website for developmental biologists.

Following on from Development, Jane became Deputy Editor of the open access journal, PLOS Biology. At PLOS Biology, Jane had oversight of publishing ethics and handled primary research manuscripts across a range of disciplines, including plant biology, developmental and stem cell biology, and genetics. While at PLOS Biology she launched the blog PLOS Biologue and commissioned a collection of articles on Plant translational research.

Throughout her career as an Editor, Jane has worked closely with the biology research community, developing long-standing and effective working relationships. She has a clear understanding of the publishing industry, the need for academics to effectively communicate their research and of the pressures of an academic career. Jane is an advocate for open access publishing and has a particular interest in working with early career scientists, to help them establish their careers through the effective communication of their research and to work in environments that support good research practice and research integrity. It was this wish to work more directly with the academic community and with a range of publishers and research communication organisations that led her to co-found Catalyst Editorial, Ltd. Jane is currently an Associate Member of COPE and an Adviser for the UK Research Integrity Office.

Jane’s other passion in life is pottery, and she draws calm and inspiration from time spent at the potter’s wheel.

Jeremy Allen

Jeremy Allen is a biologist with research expertise in the fields of neuroscience, developmental biology and genetics. Jeremy was a senior researcher at the Department of Neurobiology, The Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK, for several years where he worked on the cell biology, pharmacology, endocrinology and cancer biology of the neuropeptide somatostatin. He was also involved in projects to generate and analyse mouse models of neurodegenerative disease, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Jeremy’s areas of expertise encompass cell fate determination, G-protein-coupled receptors and cellular signalling, mouse molecular genetics, genome engineering, neuroanatomy, mouse behavioural testing and a wide range of molecular biological techniques.

Jeremy has considerable experience in research publishing and in writing successful grant proposals. This experience led him in 2007 to join the Edanz Group, as an editor, during which time he has edited over 800 research manuscripts, providing expert editorial feedback and advice to authors to ensure their findings are clearly, logically and coherently communicated, thereby maximising their chances of publication. Jeremy provides editorial services to a range of clients, from editorial agencies to publishers, as well as directly to research scientists.

When Jeremy is not at his computer, he’s to be found at his carpentry bench, putting his cabinetry training into practice in the making and restoring of beautiful things from wood.